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Why Buy Fish in Person Instead of Online

Posted on May 21, 2015

Learn about the many advantages of stocking your aquarium from your local saltwater fish supplier.

IMG_0002These days, it seems you can buy just about anything online. In most cases, buying online offers considerable advantages. However, this is not true when it comes to saltwater fish. Read on to discover the 5 reasons why shopping for saltwater fish at Aquatic Fantasy is better than buying online.

Choose the Exact Fish You Want

Many types of fish have a considerable variety in terms of markings and coloration. When you buy these fish online, you won’t know what you’re getting. But when you shop in person at Aquatic Fantasy, you get to pick out the exact fish you want from our ample selection of beautiful saltwater fish so you know you will love it. We have hundreds of different varieties in our store to choose from.

See Proof of Health

While most online sellers will provide some sort of guarantee that the fish you buy from them will be healthy upon arrival, you won’t know for certain that you’re buying a healthy fish until you see it. Why risk the heartbreak and delays of buying a fish online only to have it be dead on arrival when you could easily buy a healthy fish at Aquatic Fantasy? We have extremely rigorous standards for the quality of the fish we sell, and we invite you to examine them closely before buying. We’ll even go over the signs of a healthy fish with you and let you see the fish eat a meal before you buy it so you know it has a healthy appetite.

No Shipping & Handling Costs

While live fish can be shipped safely from online retailers, they must be sent via overnight mail with many special precautions in the packaging, such as sufficient oxygen in the transport bag and heating pads to keep the package at a constant temperature throughout the journey. All of this is expensive—sometimes over $30 per package. While buying in bulk can help defray shipping costs, when buying one or two fish at a time (as most hobbyists with one aquarium must do) buying in person at a store like Aquatic Fantasy is a better value.

Less Stress on Fish

While fish can certainly survive being shipped across the country, this doesn’t mean it’s good for them. Going on a shorter journey from your local aquarium supply store to your home will be much less stressful on the fish, and the healthier and happier they are on arrival the more quickly and successfully they will adjust to their new environment.

Professional Advice

One final benefit of buying saltwater fish in person as opposed to online is that you will have access to a knowledgeable salesperson right there in the store. You can ask the staff of Aquatic Fantasy any questions you may have about fish selection, fish care, tank compatibility, etc. and receive expert answers.


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