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Quality "fishie" store for small of big sized aquariums.  Excellent helpful customer service.  I could hang out in this store for hours staring at the beautiful fish! 🙂

Countess B. San Pedro, CA August 27, 2014

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Great selection of corals and fish plus all the supplies you need to keep your tank critters happy!  Staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  I'm also a service customer of theirs and they do a great job once a month with water changes and testing.

Scott G. Manhattan Beach, CA August 27, 2014

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I was out on a Tropical Fish hunt today...starting at LAX, back to the OC, but we stopped in to check out "Aquatic Fantasy" since it was on our way home and to our surprise, it was a real good shop...Right away they offered us any help if we needed it, and when we did ask for help, they gave us the kind of help and answers we condescending snobbery, most fish stores have because they know so much and we are just starting out...
hmm, we might just come back again....waaayyy out of the way, but worth the nice coastal drive!!!

jesse n. Santa Ana, CA August 27, 2014

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They recently moved into a new location a few doors down from their old spot and the place is awesome. Big step up in the presentation and quality in what they are carrying. With most aquarium shops going south these days it's nice to see one on the up and up with a reputation to back it.

Jeff S. Westlake Village, CA August 27, 2014

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I visited this store today mainly because I wanted to check out another local fish store near my house.  This store is immaculate!  The display tanks were nicely set up and the selection was amazing.  If you've been to a few shops in this area, this one definitely is one of the better ones.  I was not even of the mindset to purchase anything ... the staff was friendly and knowledgeable so I left with a Royal Gramma and some Mysis Shrimp.  Little fella' is sitting nicely in my tank now.  Thanks Aquatic Fantasy!  I will definitely stop by again!

Nicholas W. Redondo Beach, CA August 27, 2014

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From the owners to the store staff, everyone is knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Owners are often in the store and very knowledgeable (along with all employees). The salt water store is amazing, clean and so beautiful. Good selection of live rock, saltwater fish, inverts, corals, etc. I'm a beginner and they helped me setup my seahorse tank. They have more than enough for my selection and have helped me choose correctly (compatible tank mates). They do water tests and water has been good every time (once cycled). I purchased lots of things (gorgonian, polyps, Kaudern's cardinal, cleaner shrimp, snails, inverts). Everything is happy and thriving. Thanks so much for your awesome service! I visit them at least once a week.

Nicole V. Redondo Beach, CA August 27, 2014

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Immaculate tanks and fish. Friendly knowledgeable staff. Note they recently moved a few doors up to 541 N. Pacific Coast Highway still in same shopping center with Petco

Russell H. Torrance, CA August 27, 2014

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Wowwww, this is the BEST saltwater fish store in Southern California because:

1. Great coral and fish selection that are maintained well and are realllly healthy.
2. Verrry knowledgeable & ethical staff and management.
3. Great aquarium displays.

Specifically, I had 2 previous mandarin fishes die on me even though I have a
well established reef tank with a large copepod colony; in hindsight, I should
have asked these "other" fish stores to prove the mandarin is eating & healthy
before my purchase.

Aquatic Fantasy did prove the mandarin is eating before my purchase and now I
have a Beautiful, Healthy & Thriving Red Mandarin in my reef tank! 🙂

THANK you soooo much Aquatic Fantasy!!!

John D. Los Angeles, CA August 27, 2014

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This is absolutely my FAVORITE saltwater fish store! I've tried a variety of stores from LA to Culver City to Manhattan Beach and this is easily the best fish store. They only sell saltwater fish and everything for tanks; because of this, they are very knowledgeable about pretty much everything one needs to know about the saltwater tank world. I have been shopping at this store for almost 4 years now and I would drive a distance for it if I had to (luckily, it's right across the street!). The new store is amazing! It's so clean and well-organized. I love strolling through and looking at what's new in the tanks.

I have been getting my tank serviced (about every month) with them for the past 3 1/2 years. JASON has been my guy from the start and he is super awesome! He does such a thorough job and really leaves my tank looking as good as new! He's also very personable and answers all my questions about my fish and tanks. He's experienced and professional and I always look forward to his appointments.

If you have a saltwater tank or are interested in getting started with one, Aquatic Fantasy is your first stop!

Kimberly V. Los Angeles, CA August 27, 2014

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like the place good quality fish cant knock em bought myself a trigger the fish is doing perfect kudos to ya but had to give ya a four but know i like yall

willy c. Los Angeles, CA August 27, 2014

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This is one of the best fish stores in the south bay area. It is near my work so I stop in when I need anything for my pico tank on my desk. The prices are reasonable and they get healthy livestock (they are smart by stocking quality marine). The service is awesome, they take coral trade ins and give store credit. my only reason for not giving 5 stars is they do not have much selection for SPS.

Cylix S. Walnut, CA August 27, 2014

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Popped in on my lunch break thinking they had both fresh and salt water. Turns out it's only the latter so it didn't meet what I was looking for, but that's ok. I still looked around and I can tell they are a great store to check out if you are looking for saltwater livestock, corals, live rock, etc.

They have a beautiful display tank right up front and everything is new, clean, and in pristine condition. They definitely know what they are doing in there and could probably give some good advice to the saltwater enthusiast.

Aaron B. Bellflower, CA August 27, 2014


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