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Saltwater Aquarium FAQs

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What’s the best size aquarium for a beginner?

Saltwater Fish Redondo Beach CAWith professional aquarium maintenance, even a first time aquarium owner can enjoy a large and complex tank. What size aquarium is right for you will depend more on the space you have available and the types of fish, coral, and invertebrates you want to keep than on your level of experience. Tanks from 20 to 100 gallons generally require the same amount of work to maintain. Larger tanks have more complex filtration systems and require more time to maintain, but they are also more stable.

Where is the best place to put an aquarium?

The best place to put an aquarium is where you will be able to see and enjoy it frequently. Depending on the size of the aquarium and the types of fish, corals, and creatures you want to have in it, you may also need to consider other factors in the placement of your aquarium. For example, huge fish tanks need to be placed in areas with adequate structural support, and corals need different amounts of sunlight. All saltwater aquariums need easy access to electrical power and a top-off water supply.

What’s the difference between a fish tank and a reef tank?

Saltwater Fish Redondo Beach CAA fish tank only contains fish, whereas a reef tank also contains live coral and invertebrates like shrimp, crabs, starfish, sea cucumbers, etc. When buying fish for a reef tank, you need to make sure they are peaceful “reef safe” fish that will not prey on any of the invertebrates. Aggressive fish like lionfish or eels are usually kept in their own fish-only tank with synthetic coral.

How often do I need to test the water in my aquarium?

Saltwater Fish Redondo Beach CAIdeally, you should test all major water parameters once per week. We sell convenient test kits for you to use at home and we also offer professional testing as part of our in-home fish tank maintenance services.

How often do I need to clean the glass in my aquarium?

Usually the glass needs to be cleaned about once per week. However, if you take steps to slow the growth of nuisance algae you can clean less frequently. For example, you might change the water, increase filtration, reduce nutrients, add algae eaters, or shorten the lighting cycle. If your tank seems to get dirty too quickly, we can perform an in-home analysis to help pinpoint the cause of your problem.

What if the power goes out?

Saltwater Fish Redondo Beach CAShort power outages can usually be managed with just a small battery-powered backup air pump, provided the tank’s temperature remains stable. If you have a small tank or temperature extremes are likely in the room where the tank is located, you may also need to keep your heater or chiller running, which will require a more robust backup power source like a power inverter plus a car battery or a generator.

How often do fish need to be fed?

That depends on the type of fish. Many tank residents can handle being left unattended for 4 to 7 days once every few months. If you travel frequently, you may want to get an automatic feeder which works with dry fish foods but not frozen foods. Better yet, get a friend or neighbor to feed the fish for you.

What is ich?

Saltwater Fish Redondo Beach CAIch is a parasite that feeds off of fish, causing patchy white spots, stress, and eventual death. Ich can be treated, but you need to proceed with care because some ich treatments are not safe for reef tanks. Buying all your fish from a trustworthy supplier like Aquatic Fantasy will help reduce the risk of introducing the ich parasite into your aquarium.

How many fish can I have in my aquarium?

It all depends on the type of fish you want and the space and exercise requirements those fish have. At Aquatic Fantasy, we can help you pick the right fish to stock your tank so that you get plenty of colorful, interesting fish that are compatible with your tank and with one another.

How do I acclimate new fish to my aquarium?

Saltwater Fish Redondo Beach CADrip acclimation is normally the best method of acclimating a new fish to your aquarium. You’ll need to place your new fish and the water it came in into a container and then slowly siphon water from your aquarium into the container drip by drip. This prevents the shock of a different environment from harming your new fish. Only after the acclimation process is complete can you introduce the new fish into the tank.

How long does it take to set up an aquarium?

Setting up the aquarium equipment takes our professional tank installers just a few hours, depending on the size and complexity of the tank. Filling the tank with water, achieving the proper levels of pH, salinity, and various chemicals, and acclimating new fish and invertebrates to the tank will take much longer. If you want to enjoy a fully stocked aquarium immediately, you can buy a pre-established fish or reef aquarium from our store. It will come complete with all the creatures you see in it at the store.


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