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Aquariums In Stock

20 Gallon Tank

$428 while supplies last

20 gallon UniQuarium set-up tank with built in wet dry filter. Includes pine stand and canopy.

55 Gallon Tank

$500 while supplies last

Used 55 gallon Hex UniQuarium pine stand and canopy.

65 Gallon Tank

$1,199 limited time offer

65 gallon tank with built in overflow, custom furniture, quality shaker pine stand, and canopy ready to plumb with wet/dry or refugium filter below.

Saltwater Fish

Midas Blenny

$38 on sale for May

Great for a reef tank or a community fish tank. Very mellow and has a great personality!

Ruby Red Dragonet

$39 introductory low price

This new and very unique dragonet is such a delight. Very colorful and goes great in a reef environment. If you want two, make sure you get a pair — male and female. We can help you out with that!

Snowflake Clown

$99 or $169 for a pair

These snowflake designer clowns are ORA tank raised. They will live a long happy life under the right conditions!


New Product

$14.99 introductory low price

Red Sea Coral Colors — dose your reef according to the types of coral you have.

Orbit LED Marine

From $169 limited time offer

Lighting by current expandable, programmable, and affordable LED lights to fit tanks from 18″ – 60″.

All Fish

save 10% on 1, 20% on 2, 25% on 3

cannot be combined with any other offer

live coral

save up to 25%

see store for details cannot be combined with any other offer

Nano Tanks

sale on 3 gallon

cubey deluxe NOW $89 Picotope NOW $49


Buy 2 get 1 free

see store for details cannot be combined with any other offer


BACK IN STOCK: aussie favias, metallic red and green brains, blue zo’s, orange sun polyps, carnations, lyretail anthias, tank raised seahorses, peppermint shrimp, sexy shrimp, purple lobster, war coral, awesome green fox coral, canary blennies, midas blennies, pinstripe wrasses, lubbock wrasses and much more!!

red goni frags – starting at $50!
green gonis (flowerpots) – just $25!

NEW PRODUCTS: Sicce X-Stream programmable pump (INTRO PRICE OF $199!!), V2O frozen foods, tropic marin collapsable nano water bottle, 3 gallon JBJ picotope & cubey deluxe, VERTEX incredible full line of sumps, skimmers and gadgets, and AI Prime LED lighting….. JUST TO NAME A FEW!

our new coral supplier has proven to have a great selection and some great prices… coral is flying out of here… come in early for the best selection… will be going to get corals again this week, let us know if you are looking for something special, as they have lots to choose from!!


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