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Is Saltwater Aquarium Keeping for You?

Posted on April 28, 2015

Learn more about the traits needed to enjoy this hobby.

Is Saltwater Aquarium Keeping for You?Saltwater aquarium keeping is a wonderful hobby, but it’s not for everyone. Learn if you have what it takes by asking yourself these questions.

How Patient Are You?

Saltwater aquarium keeping is not for individuals who seek instant gratification. It can take 4 to 6 weeks to properly cycle a new aquarium to the point where you can really start stocking it with a lot of fish.

Do You Have Time to Care for a Saltwater Aquarium?

While fish have a reputation as a low-maintenance pet, this image really applies more to freshwater fish than saltwater ones. Caring for a saltwater aquarium is a time-intensive process that requires serious commitment. In addition to feeding your fish regularly, you also have to conduct routine testing of the water parameters, clean the substrate and glass often, and perform water changes and water top offs. Besides the time spent on the actual care and maintenance, you’ll also have to figure in the time spent reading and researching about what to do!

What Kind of Fish Do You Want?

Unfortunately, beginning aquarium keepers are often disappointed to learn that they can’t keep every fish that strikes their fancy in their aquarium. Issues with fish compatibility aside, some fish are simply not hardy enough to handle the inevitable learning curve that comes with setting up your first saltwater aquarium. It is important to understand that beginners should limit themselves to fish that are easy to care for until they master the technical aspects of the hobby, and only then can they responsibly move on to more finicky fish.

Do You Travel Often?

Now, just because you travel a lot doesn’t necessarily mean a saltwater aquarium is a bad idea. It just means you need to choose your fish and invertebrates carefully. You will want to avoid any creatures that are finicky eaters or have delicate constitutions. This will help improve the chances that they will survive any mishaps such as fluctuations in water temperature or water chemistry that may occur while you’re away. Choosing hearty eaters also helps ensure the fish will feed properly without your help.

Do You Anticipate Moving Often?

While it is of course possible to move a saltwater aquarium, it is an involved process requiring lots of planning, and it can be stressful on your fish. If you know you are not yet settled in your forever home, it might be a good idea to postpone getting your first saltwater aquarium so you don’t have to worry about managing a move.

Do You Have a Local Aquarium Supplier or Mentor?

When you’re first starting out in the world of saltwater aquarium keeping, it is invaluable to have a local expert you can trust to help you through the questions and issues that may arise. At Aquatic Fantasy, we will be happy to help. We can serve as a sort of mentor, helping you with everything from selecting your aquarium equipment to finding healthy fish and invertebrates appropriate for a beginner. We even offer in-store water testing and in-home aquarium maintenance services. Please stop by our Redondo Beach store to chat any time.


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