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Aquatic Fantasy’s Fish Keeping Guidelines

Fish Keeping Guidelines

  1. Let us know which fish you have and ask what is a compatible tankmate.
  2. Ask us to feed the fish you are interested in. And aggressive eater is a good sign of a healthy fish.
  3. Make sure your tank has close to the same parameters as ours;
    1. Temperature 76-78 degrees
    2. pH 8.3-8.4
    3. Salinity: fish only tank 1.021   reef 1.024-1.026
    4. dkH (alkalinity) 9-13
    5. Calcium 400
    6. Magnesium 1300-1500
  4. When you get the fish home acclimate it slowly by floating the bag unopened in your tank for 15 minutes.  Then open the bag and add a little of your tank water(about 10%), wait 5-10 minutes and repeat once more.  It is a good idea to not let the bag water into your tank, net the fish or pour most of the water into a sink or bucket.
  5. Watch the new fish carefully for a couple hours to make sure no old fish are picking on it.
  6. This one is IMPORTANT.  Feed the tank 2-3 times daily for 2 weeks.  New fish are stressed in a new environment and need extra nutrients.
  7. If after a couple days of bringing home the new fish and it is has stopped eating let us know.


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