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Live Coral

We offer over 400 different types of live coral to choose from

Live Coral in Redondo Beach CACorals aren’t just a pretty backdrop for your saltwater aquarium. They’re actually a core part of the aquarium’s ecosystem, and they’re interesting enough to star in an aquarium all by themselves, even without fish. At Aquatic Fantasy, we have one of the best selections of live coral in Redondo Beach CA, including SPS, LPS, soft corals, mushrooms and more…

Live Coral in Redondo Beach CAChoosing the Right Live Coral

Our expert staff will be happy to help you select live coral in Redondo Beach CA that will thrive in your saltwater aquarium environment. We do this by identifying corals that match your needs in terms of where in the tank the coral will be placed, how much room it will have to grow, how much light and water flow it will receive, and what diet will be available.  We shop only the best suppliers who meet our strict standards of providing high quality coral (and fish).

Eco-Friendly Coral in Redondo Beach CA

Live Coral in Redondo Beach CA

Because Aquatic Fantasy is committed to bringing the wonder of the coral reefs to our customers without harming wild reefs, we stock mainly aquacultured corals in Redondo Beach CA. When you buy coral frags from us, you can rest assured that you’re getting a top-quality, healthy organism that will continue to grow and even self-propagate in some cases.  Our coral holding systems provide optimum water quality, flow and lighting so the corals may thrive while they remain here at Aquatic Fantasy.

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