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Fish & Coral

Stock your aquarium from our extensive selection of fish, coral & invertebrates

Saltwater Coral Redondo Beach CAAt Aquatic Fantasy, we have the huge selection of saltwater livestock you need to keep your saltwater aquarium vibrant and interesting. Come visit our store to see our fish, live coral & invertebrates in Redondo Beach CA in person. Our friendly aquarium experts will be happy to help you pick out the next addition to your saltwater aquarium environment.

Fish & Coral in Redondo Beach

Saltwater Fish

At any given time you can find hundreds of different varieties of colorful saltwater fish in our Redondo Beach CA store. We have many reef-safe fish as well as intriguing predators like eels, triggers, puffers and lionfish. Learn More

coral-6Live Coral

Aquatic Fantasy is an excellent source of healthy live corals in Redondo Beach CA. We have over 400 different corals to choose from in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and light tolerances so you’re sure to find the perfect coral for your reef tank. Learn More

Saltwater Invertebrates Redondo Beach CAInvertebrates

The right invertebrates not only add beauty and variety to your saltwater aquarium, many of them also perform important cleaning and maintenance functions. Choose from our diverse collection of starfish, anemones, shrimp, snails, lobsters, crabs, clams, nudibranchs, featherdusters, etc. Learn More


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