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Angelfish—a Great Saltwater Fish

Posted on July 17, 2015

Angelfish—a Great Saltwater FishWhen many think about saltwater fish, the first one that comes to mind is angelfish. There’s certainly striking to behold, and can really make your aquarium pop in terms of your room’s décor. Everyone who sees your aquarium will say “wow” when they watch the angelfish swimming around majestically.

Most angelfish species have laterally compressed bodies with small mouths and large pectoral fins that help them navigate. They originate from the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, as well as the western portion of the Pacific Ocean. Their graceful movements and bright colors make them stand out among all other saltwater fish.

One particularly interesting characteristic of most species of angelfish is that they change colors as they age. For example, orange angelfish have black bands when they’re young, but eventually burst into bright orange when they get older. Feeding your fish a healthy diet is essential to making sure angelfish develop the proper vibrant coloration.

Sturdy, long-lasting fish

One of the many selling points of angelfish is the fact that they are very hardy and hold up well to life in home aquariums. Like any fish, it’s still important to keep their environment clean and healthy for survival, but no special tank requirements are necessary. All you have to do is set up your tank at least 3 months before you plan to introduce angelfish into it so that the nitrogen cycle is fully established. Make sure you still change out the water during these 3 months, even though you don’t have any fish in it yet, to keep ammonia and nitrite levels stabilized in your tank.

Different angelfish species prefer different environments, but in general, most of them prefer reef tank environments. Size preferences vary by species, so depending on which angelfish species you’re interested, we at Aquatic Fantasy can advise you on what size tank you should get to make your angelfish most comfortable. Larger tanks are always preferable to promote the minimization of aggressive tendencies.

Recommended species

You’ll likely have success with the following angelfish species, who frequently develop well and accept food in captivity:

  • Pearlscale angelfish
  • Queen angelfish
  • Emperor angelfish
  • Yellow tail angelfish
  • French angelfish
  • Fisher’s angels
  • Ornate angels
  • King angels
  • Six bar angels
  • Blue-faced angels

At Aquatic Fantasy, we’re happy to give you complimentary advice about which angelfish would be best for your home tank environment and increase your chances of success as much as possible. Just stop by our conveniently-located store at 541 N. Pacific Coast Highway, Unit C Redondo Beach,, CA 90277 or give us a call at 310-798-7333. We’re happy to help!

As Redondo Beach’s saltwater fish and coral experts, you can always depend on our trustworthy advice. We love seeing happy customers and hearing about their fantastic saltwater aquariums!


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