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Airborne toxins from coral can cause poisoning if handled improperly

Posted on August 24, 2015

Setting up and maintaining your aquarium properly is incredibly important—not just for your fish’s wellbeing, but your own, as well. Unfortunately, some people have had to find that out the hard way.

Respiratory problems cause by toxins released by coral

Airborne toxins from coral can cause poisoning if handled improperlyAccording to a CDC report, some people across the nation have reported to emergency rooms with complaints of respiratory problems after handling coral that had been in their home aquariums. The culprit has been found to be zoanthid marine corals can release harmful toxins called palytoxin into the air if handled incorrectly.

For example, home aquarium owner Mario Tango and his wife were forced to been seen at an emergency room after he boiled the coral and both started having difficulty breathing (link). They both recovered fully, but he learned the hard way that handling coral improperly can lead to major problems.

The appeal of zoanthid coral

Zoanthids are beautiful, striking coral that are very popular in home aquariums because they are relatively low-maintenance and provide excellent aesthetic value for their price.

How to prevent poisoning

Protect yourself from the toxins found in zoanthids by wearing gloves when touching it, thoroughly cleaning any surfaces it touches with bleach, and being careful when doing something that could create airborne toxins.

Above all, remember that coral is alive, and it will do anything it can to protect itself if it senses it’s been threatened—in the zoanthids’ case, that means releasing toxins into the air.

Get excellent safety advice at Aquatic Fantasy

Good news! When you come to purchase zoanthids, another kind of our over 400 kinds of coral, or fish from Aquatic Fantasy, our staff will always inform you of all safety precautions you should take when handling it. Aquatic Fantasy is the best place to come if you’re a beginner aquarium owner because we’ll explain every aspect of caring for your aquarium to keep you, your coral, and your fish safe and healthy.

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